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Delicious Indulgences


Keeping a healthy diet does not have to mean you cannot occasionally indulge in a sinful treat. Sometimes, taking a break from your usual diet is something you can look forward to as a reward for sticking to your goals. Here are some of the reasons why making room for some delicious indulgences can also be good for you.

The simple pleasure of eating your favorite food. Use that banana cream tart recipe you have been saving for a while. Just because it may contain more calories than your usual desserts does not mean you cannot indulge once in a while. If you want to eat more, you have to find ways to burn the excess calories from your daily diet. You can enjoy your favorite meal or dessert when you are on a diet break as long as you stick to a healthy portion size. Remind yourself that moderation is the key, that sharing your food with your family and friends is fun, and that you can always exercise to burn more calories.

Eat to your heart’s content. There are diet plans that require you to eat less, which could later lead to frequent under-eating. While these kinds of diets promise quick results, the discipline it demands can be exhausting. Diet breaks provide you with the opportunity to eat more as long as you choose healthy food options.

It makes you feel good. Maintaining a diet plan for long periods of time can be tiring. Not being able to enjoy the foods you like can also dampen your mood. Taking a break from your diet to savor the foods you like can cheer you up.

Why You Should Read Books On-The-Go

reading on-the-go

Let’s face it.

In a world dominated by technology, there’s no better way to connect with the real world than reading a book. You see, reading a book is not just something done for you to learn more about your craft. You also see, reading a book is not just something done for you to learn more about yourself.

It’s something done to expand your knowledge, aside from your craft. It’s something done to grow your understanding, aside from yourself. And if you’re someone who’s on-the-go frequently, I bet you’ll not just read books for these reasons.

That being said, here are other reasons why you should read books on-the-go:

It keeps you grounded.

While most people think reading books is something only done by those who are capable of enjoying it (e.g. introverted people, business people), it’s not exactly the case. Reading books is something done by everyone, whether you’re just reading an order on the food menu or reading signs above the traffic light. Even more so, it keeps anyone grounded – in line with the real world, despite technology overpowering things that makes a person get even more active physically and mentally.

It makes you interested.

This is probably one of the greatest things about reading a book. Even if you’re just planning to say “hi Ilawe Waterfall” in Hawaii and go on your way immediately, count on a book to get you interested about what Ilawe Waterfall can offer for tourists like you. That’s right, it makes you interested – just enough to keep enjoying what you are reading (let’s say, an exclusive book about Hawaii’s famous tourist attractions and hidden gems) and keep wanting to explore what you’ve read about.

P.S. If you’re confused about the second item, here’s another example: reading an online article about the scenic view on Eiffel Tower in Paris and wanting to explore what you’ve read about – in person, someday.