Why I bring the PS4 While I’m on the road

When it comes to offering gamers with the best deals, one company that stands out is Sony. Remember that its first-party developers who are responsible for coming up with the best PlayStation games. In this article, we’ll look at reasons why Sony has dominated this generation’s exclusive games.

  1. Remote Play

One of the features that come with the PlayStation consoles is the fantastic remote play. For instance, if you install Remote Play App on your PS Vita, PC, Mac or Xperia Smartphone, you can be able to stream gameplay from your home PlayStation 4 to these devices. If you can’t use your living room TV or want to play your PS4 games in another room, the Remote Play provides you with the chance to play games remotely. It’s for this reason that many gamers prefer the PlayStation over other brands.

  1. Makes It Easier For You to Share with Friends

Another reason why you should consider the PS4 UI is that it comes with a feature referred to as the SHAREfactory. It’s easy to use and allows you to share gameplay and footage with friends right from your PS4 console. The SHAREfactory app has several tools for video editing and video effects that allow users to edit or touch clips before they share them. This app also lets you add some commentary or combine clips together. The result is you get the best user experience.

  1. The DualShock 4

Many players enjoy using the DualShock 4 controller than other brands. For instance, its handles offer you more ergonomic and better grip. The result is you get a comfortable grip on each of the handles, which means you’re able to flex your fingers between the varying buttons and two joysticks on the PS4 controller.

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Additional reasons that make the PlayStation 4 popular with users is the sleek design. That means it’s appealing and attractive to the eye. Remember that the features you choose when buying a console will depend on your personal preferences, which means you should consider those that serve you well.