Must-Try Snacks and Dishes from Asia and Europe

From German franks to Mexican enchiladas. In this topic, we will cover some of the most famous dishes around the world that you should absolutely try. I know each of us has their own preference. That’s why it’s hard to come up with a decent list that can please all of you. Sorry if your favorite dish was not included on this list. So let’s get it started shall we?

Two dishes per continent. We’ll cover Europe and Asia in this one. Is that fine with you? Okay! Let’s get it on!


Thai Green Chicken Curry and Roti
Thai Green Chicken Curry and Roti

Starting off our list, is one of the most famous and widely known dish from Asia. Thai and those guys from India absolutely love this dish. I’m talking about Curry!

No. Not Stephen Curry.

There are many variations of this dish. There’s chicken curry, red curry, chickpea curry, Thai curry. Name it. I don’t recommend this to the ones that don’t like spicy food. Has a distinctive aroma and it tastes very good.

The next dish that you should try in the Asian Cuisine is got to be Adobo from the Philippines. Made with soy sauce, a dash of vinegar, bay leaves, a pinch of sugar, salt, pepper, hard-boiled eggs and some meat. Voilah! You got yourself a yummy dish! Many foreigners love the taste of this dish. Maybe because it is salty, sour and sweet all at the same time. You should definitely try it out.

Asians are known to drink tea while eating. They are very conscious about their health. Juicing even made its way in Asia. It detoxifies our bodies while providing valuable vitamins and minerals. Learn more about juicing by visiting Juicer Kings. Cool stuff.


Fish and Chips from England
Fish and Chips from England

I absolutely love the taste of European cuisine. I would recommend visiting Sicily and try their pasta dish called Pasta Alla Norma. It’s made of pasta (of course), tomatoes, fried aubergine and some ricotta cheese. Simple, but pretty tasty. Match it with Sicily’s famous Olive Oil and some bread. Yeah, makes my mouth water too.

How can we forget the snack that England is known for. Fish and Chips! Booya! You must try the legitimate thing from England. Made from fish and potatoes. Nothing can be quite comforting that chilling with your mates, drinking a pint or two and eating some Fish and Chips. Tasty. Classic taste that you would certainly love.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this article. Bon Appetit!