Add Zing On Your Next Weekend Getaway

Say, you’ve already made it a habit to unwind on certain places every weekend. It could be in a beach resort, in a mountain ski lodge, in your private cabin by the woods. Regardless, your weekend getaways should feel like new experiences – every single time.

Here are some ways to add zing on your next weekend getaway:

beach resort

  • If you’re going on a beach resort, why not gather people there for a bonfire session? Bring the usual campfire treats: marshmallows and hotdogs – and of course, barbeque sticks for roasting both on. Make new friends. Tell stories. Let others tell stories. Play limbo rock. Jam with a guitar and beat box.

mountain ski lodge


  • If you’re going on a mountain ski lodge, why don’t you teach others how to go skiing or ask others how to go skiing? You see, extreme sports like skiing or snowboarding is best done and more fun with others around. Aside from that, it will help you boost confidence – both in yourself and in others who have the same passion as you do.

private cabin by the woods

  • If you’re going on your private cabin by the woods, why not gather and chop your own firewood? All you need to have is the right tools. You can use either a saw or an axe for this. Just remember to be extra careful as most probably, you’re just going to be on your own. After that, treat yourself to a cup of hot chocolate and keep yourself warm by the fireplace.

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You see, some things in life are best experienced with others around. But even so, having a weekend getaway by yourself gives you the chance to work hard and to appreciate what’s right in front of you.

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Have fun on your next weekend getaway!

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