Travel Habits for a Healthier Diet


A good diet sometimes gets thrown out the window when you travel extensively for varied reasons. Unforeseen events or a whirlwind of activities may get in the way of eating healthy. It may be challenging at times, but keeping a good diet when you are frequently on the road does not have to as hard it may seem.

Eat regular meals. Being busy is almost always a given regardless if you are on a business or pleasure trip. As a frequent traveler, you know how common it is to miss regular mealtimes when things get busier than expected. Avoid skipping meals no matter how busy things get. Make sure to head out for a decent meal.


Wake up earlier, if needed. Waking up early gives you extra time to eat breakfast before you leave for the airport or from the hotel for an early appointment. If you cannot afford to linger long enough to enjoy a good meal, make sure to bring something to eat or drop by a café or restaurant along the way.


healthy snacks
Prepare a stash of healthy snacks. Bring healthy travel snacks that you can easily fit in your carry-on luggage. Energy and granola bars, assorted nuts, dried fruits, cereals, oatmeal cookies, Fig Newtons, and crackers are some of the non-perishables that you can stash in your bag.


Choose healthier options. Hotels usually have a wide selection of foods on their breakfast buffets. Check available choices first before you start filling up your plate. Avoid anything creamy, fried, or greasy. Opt for hard boiled or poached eggs instead of bacon or ham and cheese omelettes. Go for wheat or multi-grain breads and cereals. Get your protein from vegetables, low-fat dairy products, or lean meat. Stick to low-sugar or non-sugary drinks like water, unsweetened fresh fruit or vegetable juices, and skim milk. If you are dining out, go for light meals or any healthy entrees and other selections on the menu.


St. Lawrence Market
Find a farmer’s market or supermarket near you. Replenish your stock of healthy foods if you are staying for a few days in your destination. Visit the local market for fresh fruits and ready-to-eat vegetables, health food shops, or convenience stores. Buy more non-perishables if your accommodation does not have a kitchenette you can use to prepare your own meals. At the very least, you should have a small fridge that you can use to store your food supplies.

Why Handymen Need to Travel


Taking a break is a reward that handymen deserve. They work their asses off the whole year and sometimes they don’t even get a decent holiday because they have to fix someone else’s ceiling or walls. Handymen need to travel for these three reasons:

Traveling can inspire them

The Hobby The Hobbit New Zealand The Rings

There are sites around the globe such as the one in / that could stimulate the artistic side of handymen. They can get inspiration for home improvement and practical projects by visiting houses, palaces, building, and other places. Their creative and economical side might even be fired up during the travel, allowing them to make things that no handyman ever made before.


Traveling gives them the chance to relax


Traveling is one of the most efficient ways to escape a repetitive world. By going on a tour, meeting new people, and eating unfamiliar delicacies, a handyman can forget about how difficult his or her job is. Handymen deserve to rest from the thought of leaf blowers, miter saws, backpack sprayers, and oscillating tools. Traveling is an excellent opportunity for handymen to stop thinking about their devices and start enjoying their life beyond their workshop. Traveling is the reward that gives them a new perspective, a new attitude at life, and a new approach to their profession.



Traveling is pretty similar to handyman tasks

Handyman tasks are focused on fixing and building—whether that’s inside or outside a home or a pavilion. Handymen are skilled when it comes to dealing with faucet leaks, broken pipes, weak ceilings, inoperative fixtures, damaged furniture, and more. They are also capable of building wooden structures, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, installing new floorings, doors, so on and so forth.


Traveling is similar to these tasks because it’s also about fixing and building. Traveling is a favorable time to repair your relationship with other people or with yourself. You can visit a relative or friend with whom you need to reconcile. You can go to a place new or familiar to you to find yourself. You can also build new relationships with other people.



If you’re wondering why this reason is listed here, then I’ll clear it up for you. Although it’s great for a handyman to travel to forget his or her unvarying daily life, it’s also essential for a handyman to see the essence of his or her job through taking a trip. Handymen can realize the significance of fixing and building when they travel and notice how people fix and build relationships. Handymen, after being able to “repair” themselves through traveling, can grasp the importance of fixing anything. After all, it’s not just the physical thing that matters. Both the apparent and the unseen should be given equal attention when it comes to fixing.


There could be more reasons why a handyman has to take a trip and have the adventure that’s waiting for them. But for now, these three things are enough to encourage handymen to get out there and treat themselves. They deserve the rest and the experience that only traveling can offer.  

Coffee Life on the Road

Woman feet in warm socks on car dashboard. Drinking take away coffee on road. Fall trip. Rain drops on windshield. Freedom travel concept. Autumn weekend. Filtered photo.

Need to bring coffee while on the road? All you need are these essentials, and you’ll be saved. Your day would be complete. You’ll have more enjoyable travels. You’ll have a better mood.

Essential #1: Coffee Maker


You won’t be able to make and take coffee with you if you don’t have a coffee maker at home. Ensure that your machine is of high-quality so that you won’t regret investing in it. To be sure, I suggest you get one from only.

Essential #2: Vacuum-Sealed Bottle

After brewing the coffee through your maker, transfer it to a vacuum-sealed bottle so that it stays fresh for long. Do this especially if you need to drink a warm cup of joe late in the afternoon. But, of course, also make sure the bottle is of excellent quality.

Essential #3: Coffee Travel Kit


There are various coffee kits available for your needs. Some include a bag of quality coffee beans, a pour-over setup, and a grinder. It makes coffee life on the road a lot more fun than bringing a ready-made coffee. However, if you’re a busy person, then opt for the latter. If you’re going to purchase a kit, just make sure the beans are roasted the way you want them too. You could, of course, bring your own bag of beans. Place them in an airtight container. If you intend to bring freshly ground beans, then store them in a plastic bag so they can’t be brought with ease.

Essential #4: Mini Espresso Machine

There are also mini espresso machines available. These bottles allow you to brew a single shot of espresso whenever and wherever you want. If you know you’re going to have a long day or a long night, then better go for one shot of espresso than a cup of Americano. Still, it’ll all depend on what you prefer.

Essential #5: Additional flavor

Woman feet in warm socks on car dashboard. Drinking take away coffee on road. Fall trip. Rain drops on windshield. Freedom travel concept. Autumn weekend. Filtered photo.

If you want more flavor for your coffee, then you may want to bring sugar, syrups, creamer, jellies, marshmallows, and others. You could enjoy a better coffee life on the road if the coffee cup you’re about to drink excites you and is composed of the ingredients that made you love coffee in the first place.

In the end, it will rely on how much time you have to prepare for your coffee on the road. You may only choose one or two of those essentials if you want. Honestly, it really depends on your personal taste. Just be sure to always target fresh coffee.

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Delicious Indulgences


Keeping a healthy diet does not have to mean you cannot occasionally indulge in a sinful treat. Sometimes, taking a break from your usual diet is something you can look forward to as a reward for sticking to your goals. Here are some of the reasons why making room for some delicious indulgences can also be good for you.

The simple pleasure of eating your favorite food. Use that banana cream tart recipe you have been saving for a while. Just because it may contain more calories than your usual desserts does not mean you cannot indulge once in a while. If you want to eat more, you have to find ways to burn the excess calories from your daily diet. You can enjoy your favorite meal or dessert when you are on a diet break as long as you stick to a healthy portion size. Remind yourself that moderation is the key, that sharing your food with your family and friends is fun, and that you can always exercise to burn more calories.

Eat to your heart’s content. There are diet plans that require you to eat less, which could later lead to frequent under-eating. While these kinds of diets promise quick results, the discipline it demands can be exhausting. Diet breaks provide you with the opportunity to eat more as long as you choose healthy food options.

It makes you feel good. Maintaining a diet plan for long periods of time can be tiring. Not being able to enjoy the foods you like can also dampen your mood. Taking a break from your diet to savor the foods you like can cheer you up.

Why You Should Read Books On-The-Go

reading on-the-go

Let’s face it.

In a world dominated by technology, there’s no better way to connect with the real world than reading a book. You see, reading a book is not just something done for you to learn more about your craft. You also see, reading a book is not just something done for you to learn more about yourself.

It’s something done to expand your knowledge, aside from your craft. It’s something done to grow your understanding, aside from yourself. And if you’re someone who’s on-the-go frequently, I bet you’ll not just read books for these reasons.

That being said, here are other reasons why you should read books on-the-go:

It keeps you grounded.

While most people think reading books is something only done by those who are capable of enjoying it (e.g. introverted people, business people), it’s not exactly the case. Reading books is something done by everyone, whether you’re just reading an order on the food menu or reading signs above the traffic light. Even more so, it keeps anyone grounded – in line with the real world, despite technology overpowering things that makes a person get even more active physically and mentally.

It makes you interested.

This is probably one of the greatest things about reading a book. Even if you’re just planning to say “hi Ilawe Waterfall” in Hawaii and go on your way immediately, count on a book to get you interested about what Ilawe Waterfall can offer for tourists like you. That’s right, it makes you interested – just enough to keep enjoying what you are reading (let’s say, an exclusive book about Hawaii’s famous tourist attractions and hidden gems) and keep wanting to explore what you’ve read about.

P.S. If you’re confused about the second item, here’s another example: reading an online article about the scenic view on Eiffel Tower in Paris and wanting to explore what you’ve read about – in person, someday.